Once you have purchased your dream home in Marbella it is important to maintain it in top condition. Carrying out minor maintenance in a timely manner not only keeps your home a comfortable and pleasant place to live, but in the long term it can help prevent major problems and save you money.

For example, any exposed woodwork should be regularly treated to protect it from the drying effects of the Spanish sunshine. Without that, costly replacements could be necessary.

Budgeting for home maintenance

As a general rule of thumb, between one and two per cent of the purchase price should be set aside for annual maintenance, although it should be noted this figure is a generalised average. Some years you will need less, others more when bigger jobs need doing.

The actual figure also depends on other factors such as the age and location of the property, as well as whether it is used all year round or for a few weeks at a time. Whatever your needs, Altavista Property Services can help you budget for your home maintenance with our range of good value for money services.

Helping you keep your home in top condition

We can ensure your home is kept in top condition by carrying out regular maintenance—for example painting—that not only keeps the property looking good, but ensures it remains weather-proof and avoids any future problems.

Our team can also handle emergency or one off jobs such as replacing broken windows, changing locks, fixing leaking pipes –in fact anything required to keep your home secure and in pristine condition.

With our expertise and access to local suppliers and craftsmen we can take the headache out of home maintenance, ensuring quick and efficient maintenance and repairs, which will also ensure your property retains its value.


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