A professional team with experience in offering the highest levels of service in a friendly, efficient manner will be at your disposal whenever you need information or support. Their organisational and problem-solving skills are ready to act on your behalf regardless of whether you are in Marbella or abroad.

The services include full key-holding responsibility, from ensuring that your Marbella property is always in tip-top condition to preparing for and receiving your guests, and ensuring they too have all the support they might wish for.

We will take care of cleaning, laundry, maintenance, repairs and stocking the kitchen in advance of any stay, as well as making sure the home is returned to its original pristine state once you or your guests have left.

A single reference point

This housekeeping service is also naturally available during your stay, meaning that upon instruction we will arrange additional services, shopping deliveries and book reservations on your behalf. Organising transport is also part of a service that ensures you are just a phone call away from having your own personal reference point while in Marbella.

When dealing with third parties on your behalf as part of our key-holder service, we will provide a full report of costs and dealings so that the service is fully transparent, accountable and includes reports for your scrutiny.

In all of this we use our longstanding experience, network of contacts with the best skilled workers, experts and service providers, and above all our organisational skills and problem-solving expertise. After all, the aim of our service is to take away the headache of property ownership and ensure you can enjoy your beautiful Marbella property and make the most of its alluring lifestyle.


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