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Repairs & Maintenance

You have your dream home on the Costa del Sol, now comes the challenging part—keeping it pristine and in top condition.

Altavista Property Services has the expertise and skill to ensure all aspects of home maintenance are taken care of in a timely fashion. Even the newest homes can benefit from a structured maintenance and repair programme—the importance of the old British expression ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ cannot be overstated, with preventative works widely recognised as saving money in the long term.

Keeping your home in top condition

Even something as seemingly minor as a dripping tap can be costly if not fixed, as ceramic washbasins and baths can be left with unsightly stains otherwise. We can handle any maintenance and repair job, from day-to-day up keep such as painting touch-ups, to repairs of broken windows and solutions to leaking pipes.

Having a well maintained home not only keeps it a pleasant place to live in, but helps maintain its value, with properties kept to a high standard selling faster and at a better price when coming to market. Spending relatively small amounts on maintenance during the course of homeownership can save much bigger sums on bringing a home up to standard to sell.

Keeping a watchful eye

If you live in your property year round then it is simple to see minor problems as they crop up and to give us a call to find the solution. For second homeowners, who possibly let their property out on a short-term basis, it can be more difficult. Those people who take advantage of our gardening and cleaning packages can rest assured that we strive to carry out any small repairs needed as part of our service.

They also have the peace of mind in knowing we are keeping a watchful eye on their home for any bigger items of maintenance or repair needed and will offer options to rectify the situation before it becomes a major problem—leaving you free to focus on enjoying your home