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Gardening & Cleaning

We can take care of any of your gardening and pool cleaning needs, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the Marbella outdoor lifestyle to the full.

Our team will tailor services to suit your individual requirements with a top quality bespoke service that fits your schedule. With our attention to detail, we not only ensure lawns are trim, plants watered and pruned, and swimming pools perfectly maintained, but also keep a careful watch for any issues that could crop up and need attention—with options on how to rectify them.

This can save you a lot of money in the long term; for instance if we spot that your pool pump needs a service we will inform you—possibly saving the cost of a pricey replacement later. Leaky pipes can also be an expensive problem, with water loss potentially costing hundreds and even thousands of euros in extra water bills. Any leaks we spot we will immediately be reported to you, along with solutions to the problem before losses mount up.

As a professional team, our aim is to supply an efficient and hassle free service that leaves you to get on with simply enjoying your pool and garden. You don’t even need to supply any equipment as we have all the tools needed, as well as the know-how required to make your garden a serene and welcoming environment tailor made for you.

What’s more, we are committed to making sure there are no nasty surprises by offering a clear pricing and payment structure where all fees and charges are set out in advance and kept to.